Often compared to the Cappadocia region of Turkey, the Stob Pyramids are a natural rock formation located above the small village of Stob, halfway between the city of Blagoevgrad and the Rila Monastery. This site was declared a natural landmark in 1964 and it is a perfect short hike for people of all ages.

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This natural phenomenon is a result of the glaciers that once covered the surrounding mountains. They were created centuries ago through the process of erosion and they’re constantly changing. Most of these earth pyramids are very similar in both size and shape, with dimensions up to 12 meters high and 40 meters thick at the base. Some of them are also topped with stone hats.

The first time I read about these natural earth pyramids was back in 2016 when searching online for Bulgaria’s hidden gems. I eventually found a blog that mentioned these pyramids without going into many details and at that moment I thought to myself that it would be nice to visit this place, but I never made any plans.

My mother had come to Bulgaria to visit me and my girlfriend. We were driving the main road heading back from the Rila Monastery when we came across the word “Stob” written on a road sign with a picture of these rock formations. I had no idea that the village of Stob was located here, until the very same moment I saw the sign.

Detour to Stob, Bulgaria

Stob’s Pyramids Eco-trail

Assuming you’re traveling by car, there is a parking lot where you can park for free, located right where the Eco-trail starts. There is a small booth from where you can purchase magnets and pay the admission fee of 2 BGN which allows you to visit the pyramids.

St. Procopius’ Church, Stob

You’ll have two options when visiting. Taking the easy trail to your right, wheelchair accessible, or taking the main Eco-trail that goes uphill. The walk takes about 30 minutes depending on how many stops you make. There are several benches along the trail that you can use in case you feel tired.

As you hike to the top you’ll pass through the three different groups of pyramids and sections of different difficulties. Watch where you step and everything will be okay. You wouldn’t want to fall downhill.

Stob Pyramids Trail, Bulgaria
Pyramids topped with sandstone hats
Stob Pyramids, Bulgaria
Written “Don’t Start a Fire”

Just like every hike the best part is the moment you reach the top. From the highest point of this trail you’ll get a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding mountain ranges, Rila and Pirin, which I’ve had the pleasure of visiting and I recommend.

Panoramic View from the Stob Pyramids

How to get to Stob from Sofia

By Car: Take the I-1 road going south as if you were going to Kulata and exit at Kocherinovo, 20-25 Km after passing through Dupnitsa. Cross the village of Kocherinovo and follow the signs. You’ll eventually have to turn right to reach your destination. I suggest using your GPS.

By Bus: Take the bus from Ovcha Kupel Bus Station (West Bus Station), and exit at the 14th bus stop, Stob. Buses depart twice a day, every day, at 10:20a.m and 6:25p.m, operated by Avtogari. The trip takes approximately 2 hours.

By Taxi: The fastest but also the most expensive method of transportation. Expect to pay around 100 BGN.

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