Croatia has over a thousand islands. The Island of Brac, the country’s third largest island, is one of the most touristic ones. It is located on the Dalmatian region and it is specially known for Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape), a white-sand beach that is considered to be one of the best European beaches.

From Split to Brac

After checking out from Camping Split, where we had spent the last three nights, we drove to Split Ferry Port. We had seen all the islands on the map and I knew pretty much all ferry destinations, but we still hadn’t made our decision. When we got there, I found out that the ferry service to Drvenik Mali didn’t exist, I would have to either pick a different destination or drive to Trogir. Since we were already there, we ended up choosing Brac.

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The ferry boats connecting the islands to Split are operated by Jadrolinija, a company responsible for most of the country’s ferry services. We sat on the deck and enjoyed the next 45 minutes sailing the Adriatic Sea.


The destination port was located in Supetar, a city which until then was unknown to me. It is the largest city in the entire island and it is named after St. Peter, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ.

Taxi drivers were all around offering their services, you could hear the words Bol and Zlatni Rat everywhere, but crossing the whole island to get to Bol takes a very long time, so we simply kept walking to the city center.

Snorkeling Experience

Finding a place to lay down and sunbath for the first time on our road trip was our top priority. We kept walking towards west until we reached Tri Mosta Beach. There were three small piers, which I believe is the reason for the origin of the name “Tri Mosta” which in Croatian means three bridges. 

Tri Mosta Beach, Brac, Croatia

It was time to put on our snorkels and duck feet and jump in the sea. The water was not as warm as I had imagined it to be, but it was nowhere as cold as the waters of the Atlantic Ocean that I had known for my entire life.  My girlfriend had bought this full face snorkeling mask which was indeed spectacular. I regret having bought the cheapest kit I could find… I’ll go back to Decathlon and get myself one of those for the next summer adventures.

Swimming in such clear waters was amazing. I could see the rocks, the fish, and all I could heard was my own breath. It is difficult to describe such amazing sensation. On the other hand, the sensation of stepping on rocks every time I stopped swimming was not that good. I’ll have in mind buying a pair of water shoes before my next visit to Croatia.

Crystal clear waters at Tri Mosta Beach, Brac
Selfie at Tri Mosta Beach, Brac, Croatia

Time flew by very fast. It was time to go back to Split, say our goodbyes and hit the road. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was the next destination in our itinerary!

Stay tuned for the next part of The Ultimate Balkan Road Trip

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