We were visiting Eastern Serbia with a couple of friends. We had spent two nights in Nis, Serbia’s 3rd largest city and we were now just about to discover Pirot, a small city located halfway between Nis and Sofia. Far from being touristic, Pirot, a city that goes back centuries and that has been home to important civilizations, is located south from Nature Park Stara Planina, an area of great beauty, vast areas of green, hot springs and lakes.

The town’s major attraction is Pirot Fortress, built in the 14th Century. It was declared Monument of Culture of Great Importance in 1979 and it is open to the public. On top, lies the Serbian flag, a horizontal tricolor flag of red, blue and white, charged with the coat of arms on the left part of the flag.

Pirot Fortress

We had lunch at Hotel Ana Lux Spa, which is located right in the heart of the city. Serbian gastronomy is something that amazes me, I always get fascinated with such inexpensive dishes. Just so you have an idea, this meal for 4 people, with drinks and deserts included, turned out to cost about 3000 RSD (25€).

Right next to the hotel there is a small park, a fountain and several interesting statues. There are also a few museums to visit in this small city, but no one was in the mood and our time was short, so we opted for discovering the nature that surrounded us.

Nature Park Stara Planina is located within 30 minutes from the city center. We headed north through this narrow road leading to Zavoj Lake, an artificial lake created in the year of 1963, in the valley of Visočica River. Floating docks and cabins made out of barrels could be seen on the banks of the lake. Several months had passed since the last time we saw a body of water as large as this one.

Zavoj Lake (Zavojsko Jezero), an artificial lake on Nature Park Stara Planina
Floating cabin at Zavojsko Jezero (Zavoj Lake)

We seized the moment, we shot videos and photos of it, we stored it in our memory, and then we called it a day. In less than two hours we had crossed the Serbian-Bulgarian border and we were back in Sofia.

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