Bucharest had been the first part of our trip to Romania. Bran was in our plans for the next two days. What we didn’t plan at all was spending a night in Azuga, a popular destination for winter sports fans, in the mountains of Prahova.

We arrived to Azuga at midnight. Once again, we were hosted by our Romanian friends. It was freezing outside, -16 degrees Celsius and a sea of snow. I had never felt so cold in my whole life, temperatures like this were non-existent for me until this day.

Midnight in Azuga

The next morning we woke up, I had a look through the window and the view was excellent. From the street we could see the ski slopes and the house roofs covered in white.

Azuga Ski Slopes
Streets covered in snow

After a very well served breakfast we departed from Azuga. Our next stops would be Sinaia and Bran.



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