The Bioparco di Roma, originally Giardino Zoologico di Roma, was conceived in 1908 and later inaugurated in the year of 1911, and it is located in the gardens of Villa Borghese. However, it hasn’t been called a Bioparco since the beginning. It was in the year of 1994 that the change was suggested, just to happen in the next few years. Even though nowadays it looks like a really nice Zoo, with the events of World War II it almost broke down, with the reptile house’s closure and it’s deterioration.

Giardino Zoologico di Roma Main Entrance

Villa Borghese in general, is a place of great beauty and where you can walk for hours, where you can go for jogging, where you can go for a drink and hang out with your friends, or, where you can visit some of the great attractions that it offers. Other than the beauty of the trees, the fountains and the statues, in this area it is also located the Casa del Cinema, where you can attend to several film festivals, the Museo and Galleria Borghese, where you’ll find some of the most amazing paintings of Caravaggio and other Italian painters, and for last but not least, the Bioparco di Roma, which I’ve mentioned before. Rome metro offers the easiest and quickest way of getting to the Villa as the red line has a station stopping right at the main gates, named Flaminio.

Fontana di Esculapio

From all of these, I just got to experience the Zoo, as I’m not a big fan of art galleries, and the Museo and Galleria Borghese was too expensive in my opinion, 20€ (Euros). I’d rather spend that amount in different attractions not art related.

Museo and Galleria Borghese

I entered the Park right at lunch time and I enjoyed the best of this sunny day in there. There are 222 species and more than a thousand animals, which makes it relatively rich in biodiversity. At the entrance you’re also given a map, through which you can follow from steps 1 to 48 in order to visit the Park the best way possible without missing any of the beautiful inhabitant creatures.

Bioparco’s Map

The admission costs 16€ (Euros) and it includes the public events that take place at Saturdays and Sundays. This price however doesn’t include the train. The admission for the train costs 1,50€ (Euros).

Bioparco di Roma ingresso

As soon as you enter the park you get to see our long-necked friends, the giraffes. For each animal species you get to see in here, there will be a correspondent sign where you’ll find written a lot of information about the species. In fact, in the photo below you can see there was this little monkey who was very interested in getting to know me better.

Making a new friend

I was specially happy for having the chance to see the reptiles. One of the most incredible species among all of the beautiful creatures you get to see in this park, is Kleinmann’s tortoise, often called Egyptian tortoise, which is an endangered species which was successfully bred in Rome’s Biopark back in 2007.

Kleinmann’s tortoise also known as Egyptian tortoise

It was definitely a very well spent sunny day in the capital city of Italy. It reminded me of the last time I had visited Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa (Lisbon’s Zoo), my hometown. So if you ever go to Rome and you’ve got enough time to get to know the city a little bit better than just the most touristic attractions, pay a visit to the Bioparco di Roma and I’m sure you’ll not regret it. And if you’re traveling with children, I’m sure they’ll be very happy!

Find below the link for Bioparco’s official website in english:

Bioparco’s Official Website

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