There are hundreds of rivers in Portugal and over a hundred dams. Maranhão Dam (in portuguese: Barragem do Maranhão) is just one of the many. Its construction dates back to the 50s and it is located in Avis, Alentejo. It is one of the favorite locations in Portugal for the practice of sport fishing.

Barragem do Maranhão
Barragem do Maranhão

Despite having spent a weekend in the town of Avis back in 2007 I didn’t get to visit this place, in fact, little I knew about its existence. Just now, in October 2016, during my short vacation to my home country, I had the chance of actually discovering this place.

On my second day in Lisbon, we decided to hang out with my father, who took us on a road trip all across Ribatejo and Alentejo. The initial purpose was just heading to Coruche for lunch and to Foros de Benfica do Ribatejo for dinner. I was really looking forward to have eels for dinner, which happens to be one of my favorite dishes.

After eating the so famous “Bacalhau” at one of my favorite restaurants, “O Farnel” in Coruche, we headed east… as if we were going to Spain, this is how I got to discover the Maranhao Dam, right before reaching the town of Avis.

Restaurant "O Farnel" in Coruche
Restaurant “O Farnel” in Coruche

The weather was not helping much, however we all got out of the car to shoot some photos of this incredible but not very touristic site. This was actually the only new place I got to visit during my one-week vacation to Portugal. Fishing was all I could think of while having a view of the standing water, a new hobby I discovered last year in Montargil, taught by my girlfriend.

Maranhão Dam
Maranhão Dam

There is one pillar standing near the dam, where the words of our previous dictator António de Oliveira Salazar are engraved. Several sentences regarding the construction and the inauguration of this infrastructure.

In no more than a few hours I was back to Lisbon, but my wish of having eels for dinner was fulfilled.


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