Life is full of surprises, and you never know what is waiting for you right around the corner. Let me tell you a little bit more about my story, and how I moved from Lisbon, one of the most touristic towns in the world, to Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia.

First of all, I never knew this was going to happen, and in fact I didn’t know much about Bulgaria at first… I was just one more portuguese person, living a common life in the outskirts of Lisbon, not pursuing a career I loved, just working full-time to fullfil my needs. To earn enough money to pay for my expenses and enjoy a little bit of life… but that wasn’t enough. I started wanting more and by more I didn’t mean just a higher salary, I meant a better job opportunity, I meant discovering a new place, even though I knew I would have to leave behind my friends, family and most of my belongings. However, that didn’t seem to be a reason to stop me from giving my life a turn of 360 degrees.

I applied for several jobs in foreigner countries, I had decided I wanted to leave Portugal. I’m not sure you know about the current situation in Portugal, but it’s not the most famous one, with the crisis things became more complicated. I still love my home country and I ever will, but we have to choose what is best for us, even if we have to make some hard choices. Bulgaria was my destination, after ditching other job opportunities in several different countries.

It has now been two months and a half since I got on a plane heading to Sofia. A 21-year-old portuguese boy born and raised in Lisbon, flying alone from Western to Eastern Europe, to a place where I couldn’t understand a single word, where the alphabet was different among many other things. This was by far my smartest decision and I do not regret it, in fact, I’m falling in love with Sofia, with Bulgaria in general, with the mountains, with the language… This is definitely an incredible place to visit and to live in.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia



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Hello everyone! This is Basch! I'm a 24-year-old travel blogger from Lisbon Portugal, currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria and I'm looking forward to get to know the world. Feel free to get in touch with me :) Happy travels!

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