Greece has one of the most developed bike sharing systems in Europe. During my weekend getaway in Thessaloniki in the beginning of August, one of the first things I noticed as soon as I arrived was “Thessbike”. The name is a mix of the word Thessaloniki and the word bicycle, and you can find several stations across the town, mainly in the city center. For quite a good price you can rent a bicycle and ride for how many hours you wish. Greece’s second largest city offers cycling lanes close to the Aegean sea all the way to Kalamaria, a city in the outskirts of Thessaloniki, located few kilometers away from the airport.

Thessbikes in Aristotelous Square

How to Rent a Thessbike:

  • Go to any of the 4 available Subscription Stations, subscribe and you’ll be given a card.


  • Thessbike Card: 3€ Guarantee. You receive the money when you return the card.
  • Bicycle: 1€ per hour.

Thessbike Stations:

  • Central Parking – Hanth
  • 47 Vasileos Irakliou Street – Aristotelous Square (Subscription Station)
  • 18 Promitheos Street. – Court House (Subscription Station)
  • Thessaloniki City Hall
  • Concert Hall – Megaro Mousikis (Subscription Station)
  • 179 Vas. Olgas Street (Subscription Station)

Stations Map:

Thessbike Stations Map

Thessbike by the Aegean Sea
Thessbike by the Aegean Sea

We rented our bikes on our second and last day in Greece and we cycled for over 50 Km ! It reminded me of my cycling days back in Portugal. This will be forever in my memory and it will always remind me of this greek town.

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  1. Nice sharing. This weekend I’ll be traveling to the East part of Indonesia, hopefully will get a chance to do bicycling as well.

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