Together with my girlfriend and my best friend we took a shot in crossing the border between Luxembourg and Germany in 2015. We had to park our car before reaching the border, as there are rules on having winter tyres. We didn’t know what to expect, but what we could see from far away was just a bridge over the river, a few houses and a tourist office.

Still in Luxembourg we had fun jumping over a snowman and we met this very nice kitten that presented itself right next to where we parked our car.

The bridge across the border
World War II Monument in Stolzembourg

We were crossing the border from this small village called Stolzembourg in the commune of Putscheid to Keppeshausen in Germany. We got inside the tourist office, that had its lights on, a bunch of flyers, a bathroom and a map. But for some reason it seemed abandoned, with no one looking after it.

Inside the Tourist Office

As we couldn’t find anything interesting across the bridge, we got back to the car and drove 2 Km north, for a second attempt on crossing the german border.

This time, we could see a small village covered in green, named Gemünd.


Gemünd is located in Bitburg-Prüm in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate with a population of only 33 people!

Everything looked very quiet, there was no one outside, no cars passing by, just a few farm animals. For our surprise we got to see a Sagres cap! (Sagres is a portuguese beer).

A portuguese beer cap in Germany

We got inside this small chapel that had a cemetary, and as soon as we get in my girlfriend spotted the bell’s rope that I pulled right away while she was recording the whole moment. The sound coming from the chapel could be heard in the whole village while we were running away! I felt crazy during this moment!

World War I and II Memorial to Victims

After a few photos shot in Gemünd we drove back across Luxembourg to Belgium. Most os my photos were then lost in August when my hard disk broke down.

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