It was in the year of 2015, by the month of August, that happened one of the most awful things that I have memory of. My computer broke down, and I was almost 100% certain that it was the hard disk that had been damaged.

I usually save my photos to an External Hard Drive, but this time 8 months had passed since the last time I had transfered and saved my images.

As you can expect the worst thing a travel enthusiast could imagine, had just happened. I had lost all my photos of 2015, including the most awesome pictures I had shot during my road trip in Benelux! All of my files had vanished, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and even the little town of Gemünd in Germany were gone from my hard disk.

Natural Sciences Museum in Brussels, Belgium – Lost photograph

After trying to restore the files, it was time to contact a few professionals, who, unfortunately said they couldn’t do anything, and that it would only be possible in a Lab, and that it would probably cost a few hundreds of thousands, depending on how many gigabytes I had.

Not only I had lost all this content from Benelux, but also from different places I had visited in Portugal, just like Peniche, Baleal, Lourinhã, Cascais, Beja and Cuba. Places where I got to spend some nice time… memories erased… memories gone.

Cascais 2015 – Lost photograph

Fortunately we had printed a few photos for our album and I got to retrieve all the photos I had shot with my cell phone, through One Drive. I also got to find some of my old lost photos in Facebook and Tumblr, but those were just a few, compared to the thousands I had lost.

Since the happening of the tragedy I started saving all my content in flash drives, hard disks and CDs once every 2 or 3 months, and everytime I travel abroad, I make sure I have a backup of every file.

The damaged hard disk is still here somewhere at home, and one day, I don’t know when, how or where, I will get my photos back.

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