Even though the fact that Lisbon isn’t one of the cheapest European capital cities, it’s by far one of the most expensive.

I’ve received several messages of foreigner people interested in living in the beautiful city of Lisbon, to whom I answered a few questions, including the one presented in this subject: The Price of Accommodation in Lisbon.

The prices per night in a Lisbon Hotel range from 20€ to a few hundred €, while the prices for hostels are a lot more friendly. For around 10€ per night you can spend a night in one of the many hostels Lisbon has to offer.

But, the main questions I had were from people who were not only thinking of traveling to Portugal for a vacation. These people were seeking something else, a place that they could call Home during the time they’re going to spend in my home town.


I like to think of Lisbon as a district instead of the city itself, specially when we’re talking about accommodation, because the same flat in the heart of Lisbon goes for half the price of the same one in the outskirts, where you can get to in less than 30 minutes.

You’ve got public transports almost everywhere inside the district, whether you prefer the subway, the bus, the train or even the Tagus river boat to the southern side!

In Portugal you will often see “T0, T1, T2, T3” whenever you search for appartments in the web. T0 is usually a studio, while T1 is a flat with only 1 bedroom, T2 has 2 bedrooms, and the list goes on.

As for T1, which I believe is your best choice, the prices range between 500€ and 1000€ close to the city center. But, if you prefer to choose the outskirts of the city, you’ll find yourself some interesting places between 200€ – 500€. The further you stay from Lisbon, the cheaper it will be and traffic jams become a lot more rare.


I’m living 20 Km north from the city center, I’ve got bus and train access, and you can easily find a rent here for 250 or 300€, and if you’re lucky enough for even less. The same goes for 2 bedroom appartments which are not very difficult to find for less than 350€ or 400€.

Instead of searching for a place in Graça, Rossio, EntreCampos et cetera, take a look at Moscavide, Sacavém, Bobadela, Odivelas, Amadora, Loures… those are the places that come to mind right now. And avoid Parque das Nações, which is also one of the most expensive places as it’s the newest part of Lisbon built close to Y2K.

The portuguese minimum wage is now at 530€ per month, 489€ after taxes plus food allowance, which means it becomes impossible to live in the center of Lisbon without having to share a flat.



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