During my vacation to the United States, the town of Laughlin in the state of Nevada was one of the many places I got to visit. We arrived to this little town, that I had never heard about, by midnight, on the night from the 29th to the 30th of January.

An unexpected vision of a place that looked very cozy, but full of neons and casinos, without the crazy city noise like the one that was going on, on one of our next destinations – Las Vegas.

Laughlin, located in Clark County, 90 miles south of Las Vegas, has a population of over 7000 and 9 major hotel-casinos.

IMG_0545 - Cópia

Discovering our hotel, the Edgewater, was a very good experience has I had never seen a casino and an hotel all in one as the common american style.

Below you can see some photos of our double room, with 2 queen size beds.


We went for a walk at night across Edgewater and Aquarius, and we got to see some cute but wild raccoons!

Cute but Wild Raccoons in Laughlin

Neons are not very common in Portugal, so it’s rare to see that huge collection of neons as you get to see in Vegas or in Hollywood. Laughlin hotel-casino Aquarius neon lights were so fabulous that I have to go back to take a better photo!

IMG_0570 - Cópia

We also found out there’s a London Bridge in Laughlin! Or well, at least we could read that in a sign close to the river. Through a quick search on the web I found out more about this bridge.

The next morning we woke up, we had some Dunkin’ Donuts and we left roaming to the Grand Canyon National Park.

DSC_0191 - Cópia
Edgewater during the morning
Saying goodbye to Laughlin


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