I’ve been thinking of buying a campervan lately. The Wild-Mobile is my vehicle, my Wild-bicycle is my 2nd vehicle… right now I think I’m missing a Wild-Home!

As for a Wild-Home I’m thinking of a Campervan, a place where I can hang out, where I can camp during my crazy trips around different cities and countries, a place that I can drive from the crazy day in the city to the calm night of the countryside and play my guitar.

Suggestions from readers are very important in this matter as I’m having some trouble deciding on what to buy. I’ve been searching around for old vans in my home country Portugal and the prices range from the minimum you can expect: 500€ until some very high prices, I’m more interested in paying between 1000€-2000€, but yet, I will never be 100% sure that this van will not break in the first year or if its parts can’t handle another couple of kilometers.

Taken from Google: Campervan Example

It will be driving between 5.000 and 10.000 kilometers per year.

The brands that attract me the most, on this price range, are mainly Ford, Mistubishi and Toyota. As for Fords I’m talking about the Ford Transit model from the early 80s and the model from the 90s.

Requirements for my Campervan:

– Engine in good state
– No Turbo
– Diesel
– 2-3 Seats
– All documents
– Under 2000€, maybe a little more

Suggestions are more than welcome!

Best Regards,
Wild Wild Basch


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Hello everyone! This is Basch! I'm a 24-year-old travel blogger from Lisbon Portugal, currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria and I'm looking forward to get to know the world. Feel free to get in touch with me :) Happy travels!

2 thoughts on “Buying a Budget Campervan in Europe”

  1. The VW T2 is also my favorite, but there’s too things going on with it, they’re very expensive, and they drive on gasoline instead of diesel.

    Maybe adding an LPG to one of these would be a great choice,but yet, I don’t consider it to be a budget campervan.

    Thanks for your opinion 🙂

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