Today Wild Wild Basch went on a roadtrip across some of the best places Lisbon has to offer, together with 3 travel enthusiasts interested in getting to know a little bit more of my home country.

Mixing the portuguese, the slovenian and the french bloods the Wild-Mobile was our transportation across Lisbon and the beautiful city of Cascais with final destination Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of the European Continent.


After a brief stop at one of the most famous European Casinos – Casino do Estoril, the one who has a big part in James Bond Novel Casino Royale we drove to Cascais, which for those of you who don’t know it yet, it’s like a portuguese Beverly Hills but with a lot more to see!


After taking this closer look at Cascais Bay and Cascais City Center we went for a walk next to Boca do Inferno, which in case you could translate it to english it would be something like “Hell’s Mouth”. It’s this really awesome and scary place where you get to see the strenght of the waves crashing against the rocks.



Back on the road with the Wild-Mobile we kept on driving to Cabo da Roca but first we had to make a stop at Guincho to embrace some of the best waves and some of the best looks over the ocean. The Atlantic is extremely beautiful, and the power of the waves is majestic. The closer you get to it the more you feel it!


Portugal’s Coastline is 1794Km long, which means you can get spectacular views almost everywhere. If you really love water and wind sports, if you love rocks and spending an awesome time chilling in relaxing beaches, then this is a must-visit country for you!

As soon as we got to Cabo da Roca we went on wandering and taking photos! We were feeling “The Power of the West” when stepping on the westernmost point of the European Continent!

Here you got a restaurant/bar, some public toilets, a lighthouse, a few monuments and nothing else more! You’re not supposed to be in contact with anything else, other than Nature. Oh, and with hundreds of other tourists! It even gets difficult to shoot some photos next to the very famous monument (specially during July and August).

Wild Wild Basch in Cabo da Roca

Wild Wild Basch’s 1st Event wouldn’t have been possible without the participation of these 3 excelent adventurous guys. Thank you Alexis, Fábio and Nejc!

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