1st Day:

As usual, everytime we go camping, we load the car during the day, so that we won’t take long to depart after I get home from work. Here goes our “Camping Inventory List”:

  • Tent
  • Blankets
  • Sleeping Bags
  • New set of Clothes
  • Camera: Canon IXUS 125 HS
  • Action Camera: SJ7000
  • Extra Batteries
  • A Led Lamp
  • An Hammer
  • A Lighter
  • Toilet Paper
  • Enough Food in order not to spend much on Restaurants/Bars;
  • My Journal
  • Pen
Our Tent at Parque de Campismo e Caravanismo de Santa Cruz

We arrived to Santa Cruz Camping Park – Parque de Campismo e Caravanismo de Santa Cruz at 10:30p.m. As we got there the security man told me this park was exclusive for people with Camping Cards but that he would ask his boss if we could stay for two nights even though we didn’t have a card. Happy we were when he told us we could go in and set our tent that would be our home for two straight nights.

Doutor José de Bastos Stairway to Formosa Beach

Our itinerary started at around 11p.m of that friday night, without having any plans and without knowing anything about the place. We started by this really cool beach, named “Praia Formosa” where we could spot no one other than a fisherman and his dog. It was extremely windy and it was cold but we wanted to explore and so we went downstairs, for more than 120 steps in this really long stairway to the beach. We had some awesome views, but, the night was really dark and we couldn’t get to every place we wished due to the behavior of the sea.

As we were leaving the place I had parked my car near the beach, we saw this direction sign that had written “Aerodrome” in it. Santa Cruz is very famous because it’s one of the places in Portugal where you can fly on ultralight aircrafts.

Before heading back to the camping park we found this bar named “O Cais Bar” where live music was being played and where we had a drink.


2nd Day:

We woke up kind of late, we had something for breakfast and we left the tent at around 11a.m. It was time to get a closer look at the aerodrome and find out more about those flights (Schedule, Price, Aircrafts, Routes). We got told the schedule was full and we couldn’t fly this weekend nor any time soon.

We went for another walk at Praia Formosa and Praia do Guincho, but this time we wanted to take a closer approach and get to see every little detail of this place that had stolen my attention the past night. Getting in contact with the sea, the rocks, the caves and some frightened sea crabs was amazing and we could shot awesome photos (I suggest you visit this place if you love photography) .

Hungriness was showing up and it was time for our very famous “Traveller Salad” which is nothing but a salad made of Potatoes, Tuna, Peas, Chickpeas and Carrot – Enough to feed both of us and still save some for later.

The weather was getting a lot better by 2p.m and we kept on exploring the place. The village is small and you can see everything in a single day.

I found some really nice Mountain Bike Trails, located in Praia do Navio, the last beach. Santa Cruz has got 11 beaches starting in Praia das Amoeiras the southest one. We chose Praia Física to rest for a little while under the sunlight, but we also got to try my boomerang that had never been used before, just to find out that throwing a boomerang is not really one of my strong skills.


As the afternoon was going by we went for a waffle and then we headed North, always keeping the shoreline by our side and taking a look at every beach.


I had read on Google about these historical caves located in Maceira, but I had no idea of the dirt roads the “Wild-Mobile” (my 95′ Vw Polo) was just about to face. With no luck we couldn’t reach those caves but we ended up in Parque Natural Fonte de Lima.

Before heading back to Santa Cruz we visited Vimeiro, the place where was held the Battle of Vimeiro that put end to the first French invasion of Portugal.


Another dinner that took place inside the car, and then some drinks, pinball and tablesoccer in some local game room.

3rd Day:

This time we woke up earlier to take down the tent and say goodbye to the Camping Park and to Santa Cruz. I drove to Praia Azul where I found this really nice signpost with directions to many different world cities. But as it was very windy there we kept driving…


Ericeira was our target, as I wanted to get to know this Skate Park some friend of mine has been telling me about and because I hadn’t visited this place in almost 2 years.

After exploring some places I didn’t know of, I had a marshmallow ice cream under the sunlight and we got down to the beach to sunbath for a while, for the first time this weekend!

At 3p.m we drove back home.

Almost falling in Ericeira




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