The “Unknown” is everything that stays outside your comfort zone, it’s everything you’ve never done and everything others judge to be an awful thing just because it’s not part of the usual boring daily life! But, you have to get to know it, because until then, it will always seem dark, it will always cause fear, and you will never get to do new things.

The world is in constant change, not many decades ago it was impossible to share content between two different sides of the world instantly! Reaching the space was also impossible! Just like most of the things that nowadays look natural to us, like watching HD TV or watching someone through the webcam, or even flying from Europe to Brazil in less than 10 hours.

Still, you will know people everytime that will tell you the “dos” and the don’ts”, and most of the times that drags you back from reaching some place or becoming someone.

Don’t let anyone stop you…

Go in search of the unknown and make it evolve into something else, something else named Life Experience.

Somewhere in Spain: Road Trip Lisbon – Brussels (2014)


Not only travel related, many of those times you have to beat the unknown, may be job related, relationship related and it may relate to plenty of other subjects.

Instead of arguing with someone who tries to make you quit from whatever it is you’re talking about, just listen to their ideas, but remember that you’re the one who decides.

Should you stick to this boring job just because life is supposed to be like that? Should you be with someone you no longer love, just because you’re used to it? Shouldn’t you spend winter vacation in Norway because it’s a very cold place?

Sometimes you have to do before you think. Experience comes later.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – Neale Donald Walsch


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Hello everyone! This is Basch! I'm a 24-year-old travel blogger from Lisbon Portugal, currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria and I'm looking forward to get to know the world. Feel free to get in touch with me :) Happy travels!

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