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“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”
– Gilbert K. Chesterton

To some people the words tourist and traveller mix as if they have the same meaning, and in some part they do, but to those who are more into this subject, they mean two whole different ideas.

I see myself wondering whether of these categories do I belong to… Am I a tourist or am I a traveller? My answer is both.

I consider to be a little bit of each, a tourist, the type of person who travels to some destination to visit the most famous museums and attractions, take photos and discover some more about those places, but also a traveller, the person who likes to learn a lot more about the place he is getting to know, who doesn’t care much for the clothes he’s wearing and who doesn’t care much about bringing enough money to visit everything because there’s a lot more to see than just the expensive mainstream attractions.

Yet, I think the main reason for me to act like both, depends mainly on the transport that will be taking me to that place, the weather and most important of all, how I’m feeling. Sometimes a few sandwiches, a bicycle and 10 bucks are enough for a weekend off… while other times 10 bucks isn’t even enough for breakfast.

If nature is around me I’d rather be a traveller, while if I’m in New York City I’d be way more interested in being a tourist.

Stop losing your time and bothering your brain trying to find a definition to define yourself. Be the tourist and the traveller at the same time.

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Hello everyone! This is Basch! I'm a 24-year-old travel blogger from Lisbon Portugal, currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria and I'm looking forward to get to know the world. Feel free to get in touch with me :) Happy travels!

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