Today I will show you a list of 10 Must-see Museums in my hometown, Lisbon, Portugal.

1 – Museum of the Orient

I visited this museum for the first time last month and I’m sad I didn’t have enough time to visit the whole 3 floors. On the ground floor you get to see a separated temporary exhibition and on the 1st and 2nd floor you’ll see the main exhibition presenting the history of portuguese exploration, connecting Portugal to the eastern world (e.g Japan and India). Its entry is free between 6p.m and 10p.m every Friday.

2 – Electricity Museum

In my humble opinion the Electricity Museum in Belém is one of the best museums you can visit in Lisbon. It has been a while since the last time I got “lost” inside it. As far as I remember, it has been over 10 years. Established in 1990, it’s located right next to the Tagus River and presents us how Energy has evolved and how Tagus river Power Station used to work decades ago.


3 – Berardo Collection Museum

Located in Centro Cultural de Belém, Berardo Collection Museum is the favorite one for people who are into modern art. This collection belongs to Joe Berardo, one of the wealthiest men in Portugal. I’ve been there many times and it looks better every time I visit. The temporary exhibitions may require a ticket but the permanent one has free admission!


4 – Pavillion of Knowledge

It was established in 1999, after the Expo 98 in Parque das Nações, the newest part of Lisbon. Pavillion of Knowledge is an interactive museum dedicated to Science and Technology, with a very good environment for grown ups and kids. You must see it!


5 – National Coach Museum

And we’re not over yet with museums located in Belém. National Coach Museum is one of the best museums in the world dedicated to historical carriages. The royal family of Portugal were owners to most of these vehicles and Queen Amélia decided to create the museum in the beginning of the 20th century to house this collection with rare vehicles from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century.


6 – National Azulejo Museum

The National Azulejo Museum, also known as National Tile Museum is one of the best rated museums in Lisbon, located between Xabregas and Santa Apolónia. Belonging to this collection you have different pieces from the 19th and 20th century, such as tiles (azulejos) and ceramics. My personal experience in this museum is none as I’ve never been there, but it’s on my bucket list for this year.


7 – Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

Located in Praça de Espanha and built in the 50s and 60s I present to you Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, another one I still haven’t had the opportunity to visit. This museum is divided into two different circuits, the first one “The Ancient Eastern World” and the second one “Europe”. For only 5€ you can get lost between different civilizations.


8 – Navy Museum of Lisbon

Just like the numbers 2, 3 and 5, the Navy Museum is also located in Belém, which makes me think that you would need at least a weekend off in Belém to get to see every museum and eat some “Pasteis de Nata” inbetween. With a vast collection of items dedicated to the History of Navigation and Exploration in Portugal, the Navy Museum will take you on a time machine across the past 6 centuries for just 5€.

Museu de Marinha

9 – Carris Museum

Carris Museum is dedicated to the history of public transport and costs just 4€ per adult admission. Located in Alcantara close to the very famous 25 de Abril Bridge (similar to the american Golden Gate), it was inaugurated in 1999 and it holds a collection of transports from the last 2 centuries


10 – Water Museum of Lisbon

Awarded with the Council of Europe Museum Prize, the Water Museum of Lisbon located in Santa Apolónia used to be a steam pumping station for several decades starting in 1880. The exhibition is permanent and the ticket price goes for 5€, just like most museums in Lisbon.


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