Yesterday I had a quite different dinner! It was the birthday of one of my friends and I got invited for his birthday dinner is a Nepalese restaurant in Alcantara (Lisbon).

Nepal is a country of South Asia located in the Himalayas, its capital is Kathmandu and

The name of the restaurant was “Nepal Maya”

The menu was long and there was much variety to pick from… just like it happens everytime, people ask for what looks more common. I got to find out nepalese food is kind of similar to indian food and that almost every dish has one of these ingredients:

– Tomato paste;
– Chilies;
– Cashew;
– Coconut;
– Rice;

As appetizers we got served some really tasteful garlic naan (Lashun Roti) in the form of a pizza, some vegetable samosas (Geda Ghudi Samosa), some onion bhaji (Peyaj Pakoda) which are some pastels made out of onion and 3 different sauces (peppermint, cherry and peach).

Most of the main dishes ordered were grilled chicken, grilled lamb and shrimps and they were served over sizzling hot stones!

As for dessert I had some pistachio ice cream. Yummi!

The people working there looked very friendly and I even got to chat to one of them, who I believe to be the owner of the restaurant.

Nepal Maya Restaurant Lisbon

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