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You’re too tired of having the same routine over and over again? Your summer is starting and you have no plans at all? Other than the same old weekends at the closest beach?

I present you a list of my own with 10 different ideas for a different but adventurous summer.

1 – Tandem Skydive

If you dream of jumping from a plane, I suggest doing it during the summer! Tandem skydive is nowadays easy to find almost everywhere, the prices may change depending on the altitude and where it is performed. Regular prices in Europe and the United States range between 100€ and 400€. In Thailand you can skydive for around 250-300€ and in Dubai for around 500€. The altitude of the jump ranges between 10.000feet (3000 meters) and 18.000feet (5500 meters). My pulse rate was 162 after getting my feet back on land.

2 – Bungee Jumping

This one I haven’t tried it yet, but it is on my summer bucket list. Bungee Jumping history brings us back to England in the late 70s when Oxford Dangerous Sport Club performed several jumps from Clifton Bridge in Bristol. It consists on jumping from a bridge/building with some elastic strong cord connecting you to the bridge. The highest comercial bungee jump is 233m and is performed off the Macau Tower in China. One of the most visited places to practice bungy is Verzasca Dam in Switzerland, the one that stares in 007 film GoldenEye.

3 – Tree Climbing

Tree climbing is an outdoor activity respecting all the safety measures and making use of an harness, rope and helmet. If you have kids I think this is definitely a must-do with your family, and if you don’t… I think you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to try it out! Despite the fact that tree climbing is an activity we’ve done since the time of our ancestors, it just became a commercialized activity with safety gear provided in the 80s.

4 – Water Fight

Remember those typical water gun fights we used to do when we were kids? Where everyone from your class would pick up a water gun and some water balloons and try to get the opponents the wettest possible? Looks like they’re back, and they’re famous between teens and even full grown people. They started showing up as flash mobs organized through the internet and now more and more often you get a facebook request for something like this!

5 – Off-roading

Off-roading can be performed during every season of the year, but summer is probably the easiest one if you’re not used to this kind of activity. To try it out you should have an ATV vehicle or know someone or some company that will take you off-road. Large groups are the best ones for this activity and it is very common to find out expeditions to northern African countries such as Morocco.

6 – Ballooning

Ballooning is the most romantic activity you can find in this list. Not only romantic it is very relaxing and it will get you in touch with the sky. Despite being a really nice idea for this summer it is an expensive one. A flight may cost over 750€, and depending on how many people you’re flying with you can buy a ticket from prices starting in around 100€ per person for large groups. If you’re not experiecing ballooning this summer I suggest you try it at least once in a lifetime.

7 – Rafting
antalyada rafting

Here’s another wet activity for this summer. Rafting! You don’t just depend on yourself, you also depend on those who’re sharing the boat with you, whether they’re family, friends or enemies you must teamwork otherwise it will not go very well! It is usually performed in rivers, and it’s becoming more and more famous all around the globe. This is an extreme sport that may be fatal, so make sure you have someone with you who knows safety procedures and make sure you wear inflatable vests and helmets.

8 – Bike Trip


Pick up a map, study how far you’re willing to go and how long it will take to ride, pack the least possible and just go. Whether it’s for an hour, a day, a week or a month, this is a cheap and very amazing experience to be done alone or with more people. Myself, I prefer to do it solo, I feel more energy, I feel no rush, I can visit whatever I want and whenever I want and I also get to speak to more people who are also on the road. You will be surprised once you start seeing many people way older than you going the same path.

9 – Scuba Diving

This is a really nice activity to try out during the summer! Even though I’ve been living in Portugal for my whole life, I have never tried scuba diving. I think this summer I will not let it pass. There are plenty of diveclubs and schools providing lessons or scuba diving sessions depending on what you’re looking for. As long as you feel comfortable and safe with all the needed gear feel free to try it out.

10 – Oudoor Music Festival

And now, for last but not least, attending to an outdoor music festival. I’ve been to several festivals here in Portugal since I was 14 and I must say It’s one of the best experiences ever! Some of the most famous are Rock in Rio, Lollapalooza, Rock am Ring and Rock Im Park, Coachella, Tomorrowland and Download Festival. The prices depend on the event itself, tickets start in around 20€ and go as high as 1 million, that’s the price for Iceland’s Festival Secret Solstice, the most expensive one in the world.



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