This weekend has been really enjoyable and different, and yesterday I spent the afternoon in Buraca, Portugal for a 18th Century Fair that was happening between the 21st and 25th April.

Here you could get to see camels, owls, snakes, hawks, owls and more, and have a taste of different kind of drinks and foods.

I for instance got to do some new things I had never done before, such as riding a donkey, shooting arrows and drink Mead (Honey Wine) which is claimed to be the first alcoholic drink, produced in ancient times by vikings and celts. Mead in Portugal is called “Hidromel”. The taste is good and it reminds me of somersby cider with added honey. It’s a drink that you’re supposed to drink slowly to feel the honey.

I then had dinner, a chicken kebab, and got to meet and hold a very friendly python and have a final detailed look at all the stalls around.

Later the procession would start, with everyone dressed up in their 18th century clothes and representing the old times the best they could.


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