Portugal is very well known for its food, and I must say I’ve never eaten so well in other countries like I do in Portugal. We are also very well known for our fish and seafood dishes, which in my case, are my favorite. These dishes in the photos are not typically portuguese, but they are part of our daily life. If you were looking for a typical portuguese meal you could have e.g: Bacalhau à Lagareiro (one of the many ways of cooking codfish).

We were not very hungry so we made a soft meal with enough seafood for the two of us.

In the table:

– Clam dish
– Little cooked shrimps
– Garlic Bread
– Chips
– Bottle of Rosé Wine

Having wine is also very common here at almost every meal ! Not for me, I’m not a wine guy ! I’d rather have it with a few beers.

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