After reading many GoPro reviews and tests I found some action camera that would do for the same purpose for a lot less money. I’m not telling you not to buy a GoPro camera, in fact, I think you should stick to it, unless you’re short on money or you’re not willing to spend a few hundred bucks.

I was interested in a GoPro Hero 4 Black or Silver, but their battery time was really low and so I thought, why spending over 400€ when I can get something cheaper? Some product of not such high quality but that will work for my needs?

I then watched many youtube videos comparing different action cameras and I got surprised by this one: The SJ7000. That you could buy for only 50€ !

In fact, a few days later my friend Velicu from Romania purchased one of these, and told me it was a good quality camera and if I wasn’t looking to spend a lot of money it would be a good choice.

And I did… I have now the SJ7000, I haven’t tested it much, I just shot a few photos and videos because my free time has been really scarce lately. Anyway, let me tell you something more about this camera.

– Wi-fi function, you can connect it to your smartphone and control it from there.
– 2.0 inch high resolution capturing 1080P FHD video
– Ultra compact and lightweight design
– High-definition digital motion video recording device
– Time Lapse
– Loop
– Video recording while charging
– Crystal clear HDMI output
– Support micro SD card up to 32GB (includes a 16GB one)
– Perfect for outdoor sports, extreme sports, home security, car DVR, etc.
– High-definition video recording
– Easy to take photos and videos
– Versatile functions: It can record voice, still image and video (it’s not very good to record sound)
– Waterproof shell, suitable for outdoor activity
– 170 degrees wide angle is perfect for catching more details
– Ideal companion for sports and outdoor enthusiasts
– Removable 900mAh battery, so you can buy more than one.
– 7 Different Colors Available: Yellow, Blue, White, Pink, Silver, Golden and Black.
– It comes with different items to attach it to helmets, handlebars et cetera.

Sample shot with the SJ7000 during the day. (The quality isn’t the best one for photos).

I still have to discover its features and later I will make another post on the SJ7000.

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