Distance Cycled: 91.2Km
Time Cycled: 5:29:45 (Hour/Min/Sec)
Top Speed: 55Km/h (Computer says 83Km/H it’s a mistake).
Avg Speed: 16.5 Km/h

The Avg Speed is low and the cycling time is high because I walked a lot taking photos, taking a look at the views et cetera. I didn’t ride just to ride, my mission was to get to the beach, visit some old places I missed, take a nap in the sand (which didn’t happen because the weather wasn’t quite helpful)

I left home at around 9:10a.m, the ferry boat in Belém was scheduled for 10:30a.m, but I lost it, I made a few stops to drink water and take some photos in Parque das Nações and also near Terreiro do Paço, I was close to Cais do Sodré when I saw it was 10:30 a.m, so I relaxed a little bit and kept on cycling to Belém on a low speed, I got there at around 11.10a.m, purchased the ticket and waited until 11:30a.m, at first I thought it was weird that the next boat wouldn’t arrive, then I realized it would be only at 12p.m (P.S – the ticket was 1.15€).

When I got to Trafaria I decided I would visit “Cova do Vapor” I had never been there before, it was on the way that it started raining and that I found out one of my mudguards had lost one of its screwers and a clamp, a lot came to my mind about how the day would start bad, but then I saw some man, who was working with some cement in a house, decided to ask for help and surprised I got when 4 or 5 different men who were working decided to come helping me, bringing screwers and clamps. I seriously wanna thank to those people I don’t know the names but I won’t forget about them!

It kept on raining and I kept cycling all the way to Costa da Caparica, where I used to spend vacation 2 weeks a year every August since I was 11 or 12 years old, I really miss that place. I hadn’t been in some of the places I visited today since 2012 (when I was 17). I had to seek some shelter because the rain got really bad and I really needed to rest and have lunch (it was almost 2p.m), I remembered about this “sinking ship” in a children playground and there I stayed until the sun started to shine.

At 5p.m I got myself on the ferry boat again in Trafaria to go back to Belém, and then all the way back to Parque das Nações where I met my girlfriend to spend half a hour with her, before heading back home. It was getting dark and I decided to stop at my mom’s who lives like 3 Km away from me, to rest, talk, eat and drink. Rested for over a hour and then, I headed home. Right now I’m sleepy but I couldn’t stop myself from posting these photos and this text


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