Last year (2015) I camped 4 times, in the 4 different seasons of the year in 4 different places in Portugal.
Beja – Winter: The nights were extremely cold and we forgot one of the sleeping bags. I loved the city! Awesome food and nice museums to visit. On the way back we visited Cuba and we had lunch there. Oh, and, we couldn’t find an open Club!

Peniche – Spring: The weather was nice. But we had some trouble staking the tent to the ground. Amazing views! Baleal was awesome and we got to visit a dinosaur museum in Lourinhã on the way back.

Montargil – Summer: Hot weather, but had the worst camping experience ever (I didn’t like the camping park at all), the best part was going fishing for the first time with the rod my girlfriend gave me! We also got to visit Gameiro, Mora and the famous Fluviário de Mora
Castelo de Bode – Autumn: We were surprised that by the half of November the sun was still shining, and the temperatures were still over the average. I even had the chance to take off my t-shirt for some fishing and to lay down on the sand 😉 I got to visit Tomar, Constância, Vila Nova da Barquinha (where lays Castelo de Almourol) and Golegã.

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